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Joyriding: A Manual for Learning the Fundamentals of Masterful Driving

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Joyriding is a 400 page book that covers just about every aspect of practical car handling techniques, driving tactics, and strategies that result in masterful and enjoyable driving. If you want to get a new driver off on the right foot, as they begin their driving careers you couldn’t do better than to give them this book—and insist that they read it. It won’t take much persuasion. The book talks to them about something they really want to learn and it presents the information as if its coming from someone who shares their excitement in reaching this wonderful stage of life. It might be the best money you ever spent. (401 pages)


The inevitable march of technology has by-passed some parts of this textbook.  A few examples:  Cars now claim they can parallel park themselves.  Very little background knowledge is needed to start the engine of a modern car, even in extreme cold.  Electrically powered cars are gaining popularity; even hydrogen fuel-cell powered cars might soon be competing with gas and diesel engine automobiles.  Paddleshifted automatic transmissions may be replacing stickshifts.

Global positioning systems do not require much map-reading skill.  Self-driving cars promise to eliminate DUI.  The controlled, confident, safe backing-up maneuvers described in chapter six, “Doing It Backwards,” have been  rendered all but impossible by modern cars that feature back-up cameras in place of adequate rearward visibility.

Despite such technological fashions, Joyriding remains A Practical Manual for Learning the Fundamentals of Masterful Driving.